Marketing Magazine’s ‘Direct Agency of the Year 2009’, RAPP is a full-service, integrated agency producing work for online, offline, retail, pharma, financial, fundraising, fmcg, and travel. At RAPP I was a Creative Lead on Eurostar, overseeing email and online advertising output. I wrote copy for UNICEF DM campaign packs, website campaign pages, and for the quarterly supporter’s magazine. I did the same for NSPCC and Cancer Research UK. I also wrote copy and developed DM and print concepts for Barclaycard, Apple and Blue Cross.


As a creative lead on Eurostar I oversaw digital creative including emails and online advertising for all customer segments. I wrote copy and developed ad concepts across all leisure and business customer platforms.

Barclaycard Freedom
Barclaycard Freedom is a credit card rewards and loyalty programme that allows customers to earn reward money which they can redeem at participating retailers. I concepted and wrote regular DM inserts and leaflets for various promotions and events.

I wrote emails and press ads as part of the hard-hitting ‘Put It Right’ campaign, an initiative to protect and promote the rights of children worldwide. I also wrote editorial material and articles for the UNICEF supporter’s magazine, ‘Child Matters’.

For NSPCC I wrote copy for DM campaign packs and press ads, and wrote articles for the supporter’s magazine ‘Children’s Friend’.

Cancer Research UK
I developed concepts for campaign DM packs, wrote campaign emails and radio ads.

I came up with concepts and copy for an Apple student campaign, designed to raise student’s awareness of the MacBook Pro and how indispensible it is for student life. Campaign included posters, banner ads, press and point of sale.