Why choose me?

I've worked for companies of all sizes and from most market sectors. I have experience across a wide range of advertising media - including radio, press, catalogue, television, direct mail and digital media.


Web copywriting and editing (B2B and B2C)
Banner ad/rich media concepts and copy
Email concepts and copy
Viral advertising concepts
Developing pitch concepts and strategies
Game concepts and copy
Content auditing
Proof reading

Advertising Agency

Television and radio commercial scripting
Press advertising concepts and scripting
Direct mail copywriting
Point of sale concepts
Catalogue headlines and copywriting
Recruitment copywriting
Casting and production of TV and radio commercials
Marketing plan and document writing
Client presentations
Liaison with art directors, account executives and client


News correspondent
Talent direction
Using radio specific software
Client liaison
News Reading
Script voice over

Training facilitator

Teamwork to sales and marketing staff
Creativity and spontaneity training
Copy writing training for junior staff